Windsor Job Installation

I hope to speak to you next week about the great job the two gentlemen did who came onsite at Devonshire mall yesterday. Especially the one who came back today on his own.

They were so well prepared, patient and did a great job. The one who came back today went well above all expectations as he stayed on not only to help configure the storefront TV but also to help install the TV in the shroud, mount it in the window and provide several solutions to problems we ran into. Without him, I do not think our storefront would have a TV at this time, which looks amazing!

I can’t thank him enough for his attention to detail and hard work today.

As an example, he had to leave but when our window installers showed back up to add silicone, which interrupted his work, he just took on the challenge of a delay, worked it out and left us with a beautiful storefront with TV installed.

You sent in some great and dedicated workers here in Windsor so I thank you for that.

Well done everyone!